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I provide compassionate mobile cat grooming services at Bath Time Mobile Pet Grooming of Indio, CA. By using only low-stress handling techniques for all of my cat grooming, I will ensure that your feline friend looks his or her best without feeling overly frightened in the process.

While I also groom dogs, I have 27 years of experience in cat grooming, and I understand their very different needs. As such, I always handle cats with my years of training in mind. My respectful and low-stress handling grooming includes:

• Removal of Matts and Pelts—If your cat has long hair, he or she likely has some matts and pelts. I have mastered the art of removing these gently through either clipping or shaving.

• Combing—I will comb through your cat’s hair with a gentle comb, removing any matts or pelts.

• Hygiene Hair Trim—I gently trim the hindquarters.

• Bathing—I offer the option of a wet bath or dry bath, using only high quality, hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners.

• Nail Clipping—You can avoid the scratches and bites you get when you try to trim your cat’s nails yourself. Allow me to apply my professional touch!

Why choose mobile cat grooming? Cats are extremely bonded to their own territory. They often struggle in their cat carrier, and they can be especially stressed when traveling in the car. Many of my clients say that previously, their cat looked no better than when he or she left for the groomer by the time he or she returned home due to stress and confusion. While most mobile pet groomers are specialized for dogs only, I specialize in cats as well. I want your cat to enjoy a relaxing, stress-free experience.

If you would like to schedule a cat grooming session with Bath Time Mobile Pet Grooming, contact me directly today. I look forward to showing you and your cat just how pleasant mobile grooming can be!

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